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Historic Photo of the Month -- Early Stryker saloon
Srtyker Ohio Saloon

     Bill Altorfer from Fredricksburg, Virginia, sent us this photo of an early saloon in Stryker. The writing under the photo says, "Saloon run by A. A. Altorfer's Father."
     Bill says he has just started tracing the family history and found this.
     He said his family first settled around the Stryker area in the mid to late 1800’s.
     A relative, Amelia Anna Altorfer was married to William Henry Altorfer, son of John Jacob Altorfer. Her Father was Pierre Frederick Theirry, but Mr. Altorfer does not think he owned or ran the saloon. He thinks the reference on the photo is actually referring to her father in law, J. J. Altorfer.
     One of the SAHC Trustees believes the saloon in the photo could be where “The Last Call” tavern is presently operating on North Depot Street or the building just west of it.
     Anyone else know anything about it? Please share with us!!

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